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"Vancouver School Board Introduces Gender-Neutral Pronouns"

"Students and teachers in Vancouver can now use the gender-neutral pronouns "xe," "xem," and "xyr." The move is designed to accommodate students for whom "he" and "she" does not fit or is deemed inappropriate…

"The newly coined pronouns — xe, xem, and xyr — are pronounced to rhyme with the genderless plurals "they," "them," and "their," and all starting with the "z" sound. So phonetically speaking, they’re pronounced "zey, "zem", and "zare.""

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the article doesn’t do the issue justice.

the issue regarded policy change, where the vancouver school board’s (VSB) LGBTQ+ advisory committee re-wrote existing policy to protect staff and students falling on the queer and trans spectrums. 

the policy revision includes

-they/them/their and non-traditional pronouns being recognized by the school system

-required used of preferred names and pronouns by all staff and students

-preferred names/pronouns on all school records

-gender-accesible washrooms and change rooms available to those who require them

-disciplinary action taken against those who act in a discriminatory or hateful manner towards students, staff, and families falling on the queer and trans spectrums


the consultation was the longest ever done by the VSB, with over 120 speakers spread across 3 meetings. 

the process also resulting in two school board trustees being ejected form their party’s caucus, due their discriminatory actions and arguments. 

these are links to stories by vancouver media about the issue


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Hey so to protect one of my friends I’ve decided to help her out by posting this on my blog instead. Please share this!

"This is Ian Foote. My husband and I met this man at one of my shows at the Rickshaw Theatre in East Vancouver last week and I added him on Facebook that same night because he and his girlfriend seemed nice enough.


This man is a potential rapist who openly admits to having to forcibly stop himself from raping on the daily. Please spread this around, I want everyone in Vancouver to know to stay far away from this man.”

(Vancouver BC)

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What fucking piece of shit.

This is a nightmare.  He thinks he’s being clever and cute about his disgusting tendencies.  And I’m sure once all of this gets out and the world understands what a monster he is he’ll claim it was all one big joke or social experiment or some shit.  Or that he was being sarcastic to prove a point. 

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Warning for Trans Youth in Southern Ontario

Avoid Dr. Kenneth Zucker of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto. He will not help you in any way and upon asking many invasive, disrespectful, and irrelevant questions, he will suggest you undergo “reparative therapy” to “fix” you (pictured above). When he finishes writing his “report”, which can take months, he will refer to you in an extremely dehumanizing manner that makes you out to be some kind of oddity (eg “He seems very interested in having breasts.”) and he will not respect your gender or use the correct pronouns whatsoever. Not only that, but when he requests your report cards and school pictures (???) he will really take his time in giving them back when you ask him to. Good luck contacting him outside of an appointment, too, as he very rarely, if ever, responds to emails or phone calls. He has stated he considers trans women a “bad outcome of gay men.” Don’t waste your time with this transphobic piece of shit.


Yes yes yes I’m so happy people are talking about this. That clinic works under the old DSM criteria. If you are looking for physical health or mental health or family support around gender please contact Rainbow Health Ontario or the new trans clinic at Sick Kids.

A lot of parents especially go to that clinic with their kids because it’s affiliated with such a well know national agency and they assume it will be the best support. If you hear anyone talking about it please correct them, it is very harmful. :(

I wrote a post last year about an amazing Ontario doctor who specializes in health-care for trans youth, Dr. Carys Massarella. She is the lead Physician of the Transcare Program at Quest Community Health Centre in St. Catharine’s, and is currently one of only three ‘non-pathologizing’ trans-care health providers in Ontario. ‘Non-Pathologizing’ means that when a trans-patient comes in to speak with her about care and care options, their trans identity is:

  •  not questioned
  •  not treated as something needing to be fixed
  •  not pathologized as a mental illness which requires a psychiatric evaluation before proceeding with care options.  

If you’re a trans youth looking for health-care (or know any trans youth whose families are hoping to get medical support for them), please DO NOT go to/recommend Dr. Zucker at CAMH. He is severely transphobic and is only looking to ‘fix’ trans kids who he thinks are ‘confused’. Instead, two hospitals that are doing good work for transfolks in the GTA and surrounding area are St. Mike’s in Toronto and St. Joseph’s in Hamilton. Both are (surprisingly) Catholic hospitals, but have made reputations for themselves as providing ethical care for the LGBTQ community. Carys herself is a member of the St. Joseph’s health staff, and says that her transition was embraced at the hospital and its catholic staff, including its nuns. As well, Dr. Massarella’s practice, Quest Community Heath Centre, is a fantastic resource if you can get out to St. Catherine’s. 

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This is the actual shit I see being said by sudburians.

This is white privilege: believing that the world is your oyster, and having the gall to feel oppressed because you’re not allowed on one spit of land. This is white entitlement.

Canadians, white people. Collect your trash.

… I’m speechless

Do they not pay attention to history at all?  They stole all the land from the Natives, exploited and destroyed a lot of the environment because of their sociopathic greed, and want to get offended when Natives tell them they’re not wanted some place?

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slip, slidin’ away…..

The Ex (Canadian National Exhibition), from the top of Euroslide, Lakeshore, Toronto.

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Jeet Heer. [x]

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Our volunteer sign up form is now up on the website! People interested in volunteering, please fill this out! 

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white people be like oh my god what’s happening in ferguson is horrible I’m so glad my imperialistic european country that colonized 3/4s of the world or  white colony that gained independence and proceeded to kill off the native population doesn’t have institutionalized racism like those crazy americans

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This actually exists. In 2014. I have a Canadian partner, I am mid transition…I knew I had to be careful but holy shit. This actually terrifies me. How does this make any sense? Why do gender markers even exist on photo ID’s?

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