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Hey, guys! A couple of my friends at my university really need your help! They are a group of Native (mostly women) students who are trying to spread decolonized education (woooohoooo!!!!) to Native high schoolers on reservations and in New Mexico. It would really help
them out if you could donate something or signal boost this. They are not getting paid, but they need money to travel to the students. Any donation at all is helpful!

Here is what they have to say:


AlterNATIVE Education is an education-focused non-profit that works with Native American/American Indian students to teach them about the left out history of American Indians. Our facilitators are composed entirely of Columbia University students, the majority being of American Indian descent.

AlterNATIVE Education is a peer-education and mentorship initiative that will ENGAGE students with Native histories, Native governments, Na-tive arts and Native current events, which are topics that are not talked about often enough in the classroom; EMPOWER Native students as community members, as individuals, as agents of change; and finally, ENCOURAGE Native students to seriously consider pursuing higher education through long-term mentorship. AlterNATIVE’s ultimate goal is to have 100% of AlterNATIVE mentees graduate from high school and apply to college.


This summer, alterNATIVE education is expanding, going from four sites to six. This summer, our alterNATIVE education facilitators will be at:

Isleta Pueblo, NM Zuni Pueblo, NM
Pine Hill, NM To’hajiilee, NM
Farmington, NM Acoma Pueblo, NM


Visit our website at

Contact us at:

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Key scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope in Kanyen’kéha (Mohawk).

I’m cry.

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AMERICANS: name every canadian province





free medicine?

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powerful new work by Corey Bulpitt & Larissa Healey at the National Gallery of Canada

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Northern women sewing for North American moccasin project: 600 moccasin tops being sewn in memory of missing, murdered indigenous women

Women from across the North are stitching up a storm to prepare for a massive art project. They are part of a group that’s making more than 600 pairs of moccasin tops in memory of Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women. The beaded works will be displayed as part of a travelling art installation project called Walking with our Sisters. Each pair of moccasins symbolizes the unfinished life of a missing or murdered woman.

Métis artist Christi Belcourt started the project. She said so far, more than 200 pairs have come in. "I’m always emotionally moved when a new pair comes in because I realize that one pair represents a women or a girl," said Belcourt. "People are really putting their love in the work. You can feel it when you hold it in your hand." The moccasin tops will be shown in a winding path on gallery floors. The first exhibition of the moccasin tops will open in Haida Gwaii in B.C. on Aug. 20.

Contemporary Art Week!

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A Tribe Called Red releases “Sisters” music video

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In an intelligent and heartfelt video, teenager Killaq Enuaraq Strauss tells Ellen DeGeneres why the seal hunt is important to Canada’s Inuit people. 


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Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner

Speaking of movies, this is basically Inuit Beowulf.

It was written, produced, directed, and acted entirely by Inuit people. I think a lot of people might be interested in Medieval Inuit art and literature, and this is a pretty great example.

You can watch and download the entire trilogy here for free (but donate if you can!!!); Atanarjuat is the first film and takes place around 1000 A.D.-ish. It also won a LOT of awards. Keep in mind: it’s entirely in Inuktitut, with English subtitles.

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